Advice NI Members Day

Meeting  Members' Needs - Planning for Digital Advice Services

The Advice NI’s Members Day held on Monday 19th June received great feedback from our members with over 40 attendees taking part in the activities during the day.

The theme of the event was focused on preparing members to deliver digital advice services with a particularly emphasis on the challenges faced with the looming implementation of Universal Credit.

As part of the event, Advice NI organised an exclusive live Demonstration of ‘Universal Credit full digital service platform’ hosted by the Department for Communities at Castle Court in the morning.  This was followed by a series of afternoon sessions, workshops, feedback/QA and live voting on Advice NI’s priorities moving forward: -
  • Bob Stronge (Advice NI CEO), dialled in digitally to share will us his views on our continued commitment to our members 
  • Mary McManus (Advice NI Chair) shared learning from her recent trip to a Universal Credit centre in Warrington
  • Workshops discussing 2 key topics
    • Organisational digital needs in order to deliver a high quality advice service that embraces digital advice?
    • Clients digital needs in order to navigate their way through government digital services?
  • Feedback from Workshops/QA
  • Live voting

Comments on the Members Day included: -

“Very relevant event for the Advice Sector”

“I particularly enjoyed interfacing with the Universal Credit staff, the run through of the application process and the group work in the afternoon”

“Very informative of what is to come with Universal Credit and the potential issues”

“Would like to hear more information regarding best practice delivery of advice services digitally”

“Need more sessions around dealing with implementing digital advice and ideas on how to adapt”

“More of the same!”

More information regarding Advice NI’s next Members Day event will be published soon!