Member Benefits

When you become a full member of Advice NI you will be able to access a wide range of benefits.

Support Services

  • Advice NI Quality Standards guide and support
  • Support Network with Senior Management
  • Access and training for Advice Pro
  • Development of Advice Pro for stakeholder reports
  • Ad hoc IT help and support
  • Specialist assistance from our dedicated Membership team
  • Second tier support via Advice NI specialist advice services
  • Promotion of Members and their services throughout the Advice Sector
  • Access to Insurance products inc Professional Indemnity


  • Advice NI interactive website listing
  • Online Exchange Hub
  • Quarterly E-News
  • Twitter pages
  • Facebook pages
  • Networking events

Government and Policy

  • With latest information on policy developments, consultations and key research reports
  • Subscription to Think, our montly policy newsletter
  • Representation on a range of policy forums
  • Consultations with members of government policy initiatives
  • Access to Advice NI reports

Award Winning Training

  • Discounted training and resources to support staff and organisational development
  • Range of accredited courses
  • CPD development
  • Free Wiser Adviser money advice training courses
  • 200 Courses annually
  • Bespoke training courses