Universal Credit: Coaching Clients Digitally (The MAC - Belfast)

Thursday, 21 September 2017 -
9:30am to 4:00pm

This fully interactive, multimedia course will train advisers in the key skills required to support clients digitally in preparing for, making and maintaining a Universal Credit account. It covers all aspects of digital support from online safety to coaching clients digitally. It will fully equip advisers with the knowledge, skills and best practice in this area, via a practical, hands-on digital experience. This course fully meets the Universal Credit digital support training element of the Department for Communities (DfC) training requirement for Advisers.
Who Should Attend: 
This course is recommended for Advisers (including volunteers) and other colleagues wanting to develop their knowledge of Universal Credit and enable better digital support for clients.
The cost of the course is £150 per person. The Department for Communities will fund the cost of the course for frontline council-funded advisers.
CPD Hours: 
The course is worth 6 CPD hours
Additional Information: 
We strongly recommend that this course is completed in conjunction with the ‘Accredited Guide to Universal Credit’ to cover all DfC Universal Credit training requirements and/or to develop a full knowledge and understanding of Universal Credit from entitlement to challenging decisions.


10 Exchange Street West
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