Triage for Initial Contact & Support Workers

In these times of contracting resources and increasing demand services, particularly advice services, need to find ways to prioritise clients’ needs and advisers’ time. This short course addresses this in three main ways: • By identifying those clients in emergency situations, those with less time sensitive issues, and those who can be advised or referred quickly to meet their needs; and • By identifying those clients who are at a time in their life where they have more or less capacity; resources can be allocated when and where they are most effective; • Experienced advisers, trainees, and support workers can be trained to fulfil this initial role.
Who Should Attend: 
This course is aimed at those who form the initial contact with clients and who need to be able to enable clients to access the appropriate advice/support in the most appropriate format. This could include: Experienced advisers, trainees, receptionists and support workers.
There is a charge of £30 to Advice NI Members, £45 to Voluntary and Community Sector organisations and £65 to Private and Statutory Sector organisations.
CPD Hours: 
There are 3 CPD hours available for this course.
Education/Professional Framework: 
This course can be used as evidence towards a range of units in our Advice and Guidance NVQ’s and Legal Advice qualifications including ‘Understanding the Importance of Legislation and Procedures’ (Unit 30). It is also linked to the National Occupational Standards for Legal Advisers including ‘IB19 – First Line Welfare Rights and Legal Advice’.
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