Money and Debt Service Partnership

Advice NI in partnership with the Trussell Trust is providing a Money and Debt service for those who are, or have used a food bank.
Trussell Trust foodbanks are mainly run by volunteers and donations are received from various organisations and businesses including local church parishioners, supermarkets and public health agency.

Trussell Trust operates a voucher referral scheme with organisations that are able to identify someone who is struggling to afford necessities and needs support from a local foodbank. Vouchers are administered to such agencies as Social Services, Local Health Centre, Advice Centre’s and Pharmacies which people can redeem at the foodbank. People can also self-refer as the Trussell Trust will never turn anyone away.

The foodbank will provide the person with enough food for three days. Usually a person can use three vouchers in any 12 month period. However, this is extended in exceptional circumstances.

Some foodbanks will provide breakfast and/or tea and biscuits and people will have the opportunity to speak to one of the volunteers if they have any issues or need further help or support from outside agencies.

Advice NI developed a bespoke training package for Trussell Trust staff and volunteers to raise awareness of the new money and debt service partnership. Through this training we aim to increase their knowledge so that they can confidently approach people to ask about debt problems and make referrals to the debt and money advice service where appropriate.

Through this service Advice NI and the Trussell Trust aims to improve people’s long term situation so that they no longer need the support of a food bank. The Money and Debt Advice Service is available Monday – Wednesday 9.30am to 3.30pm. People can contact our free helpline 0808 801 0665 or email